Live Amazed Prayer Journal - Embracing the Privilege & Power of Praying for Others

Are you ready to be amazed?

God invites us to partner with Him through prayer. When we pray we get to enjoy a close and personal relationship with our Father in Heaven and to live in awe of who He is and what He is doing in His world.

Yet, distractions, doubts, and difficulties often stand in our way of a thriving prayer life. The Live Amazed Prayer Journal is the perfect companion as you sit with God, getting to know Him, and sharing with Him your praise and prayers. This beautiful devotional journal helps to focus your thoughts and enrich your time with God. It includes:

  • The Five B’s of Beautiful Prayer™
  • ‘Beholding the Majesty of God’ scripture guide
  • Scripture verses for meditation and inspiration
  • Prayer circles to guide your prayers for others
  • Journaling prompts and coloring pages
  • Fillable weekly prayer calendars
  • Free space for scripture writing and answered prayer  
You can get your copy HERE.


God invites us to know Him and reveals Himself to us through His Word and world. Every day is a new opportunity to discover more about Him and to live amazed at who He is. Within this journal, you'll find 12 weeks of scripture writing prompts that celebrate the attributes of God.

The Beholding the Majesty of God journal has ample space to record several translations of each passage if you so desire. Take time to ponder the majesty of God by meditating on these verses. Write them out, then use them in your prayers or commit them to memory, the choice is yours.

Simply come to God expectantly and allow Him to amaze you with His majestical yet inviting presence.

You can get your copy HERE.

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