Friday 10 December 2021

Behold Your God - The Pathway to Peace


Today for the first time, I think, I'm joining the Five Minute Friday link-up. I just couldn't resist the word 'Behold'. It makes such a difference when I pause to behold my God in all His majesty and beauty!

Do you ever forget who you’re praying to?

Well, no, of course not, you say. That sounds ridiculous.

But sometimes, if I’m not careful, I think I forget. And perhaps you do too, as well.

Let me explain.

Sometimes, I rise from my place of prayer, walk back into my day, and right away pick back up the very worries and concerns God has asked me to leave with Him.

It’s as if I forget that He’s not only able but willing to carry my burdens and fill me instead with His peace.

In essence, I have failed to behold my God, to remember just who I am talking with.

So, now, in my quest for living, breathing, beautiful prayer, I have made ‘Behold my God’ my very first step.

When I pause at the beginning of prayer to fix my mind on God as revealed in His Word and His world, my perspective shifts and my peace deepens.

I remember that He is my all-powerful, loving Father in Heaven who works all things out for my ultimate good and His glory.

Sometimes, I think of His omnipresence, His outside-ness and above-ness of time and space, and it comforts me that He is with my loved ones all over the world, all at once. Or I might ponder the power-pack of His omnipotence and steadfast love, as I bow in thanksgiving that He is as good as He is powerful.

In fact, more than just a path to prayer, beholding God in all His beauty and majesty can fill my whole day, indeed, my entire life.

What about you? What does beholding God look like for you?

One of my favorite 'Behold' passages in the Bible is Isaiah 40. Why not take a few minutes today to dive into that chapter; I know you will be blessed.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you,



  1. When I pray in silent nights
    while the world in nightmare sleeps
    I find colour, holy lights,
    and I behold the God who weeps.
    When in courage I step out,
    to take maybe foolish chances,
    behind my back I hear a shout,
    then turn; behold the God who dances!
    When I bow to devil's pride,
    and, self-righteous, bring the pain,
    it's then I meet the God who died
    and, for my sake, rose again,
    and in the street or living room,
    find rescue in the Empty Tomb.

  2. Love this. You've definitely given me something to think about.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Grateful you were blessed, Great-Granny Grandma. :)


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