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Do you often feel distracted and overwhelmed by the prayer needs around you? Find yourself losing focus when you bow your head to pray? You're not alone. For many of us, effective, fervent prayer is a struggle. 

But help is available. The Live Amazed Prayer Journal is designed to help us embrace, cherish, and honor the sweetness and privilege of prayer. Through four simple steps: Behold, Bless, Bow, and Beseech, the Live Amazed Prayer Journal encourages us to lean in close to God through praise, thanksgiving, repentance, and supplication. It further utilizes prayer circles to aid us as we offer intentionally specific and general prayers. 

No matter what state you find your prayer life in right now, or how much you've strayed or stayed away, I implore you to jump in with excitement. God delights in the prayers of His children and we get to enjoy a front-row seat to living amazed at His power, presence, and protection in our lives. Isn't that sweet motivation? 

So go ahead! Click HERE to download your free copy of the Live Amazed Prayer Journal today! 

Thank you for joining me on the 'live amazed' journey. 

Grace and peace to you,

The Live Amazed Prayer Planner was inspired by my 30-day devotional: 

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